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Off Grid Remote Security

AI-Based Intelligent Video

AI-Based Intelligent Video


We deliver intelligent solutions which provide security that can be deployed in any outdoor environment without the limitations of having to tap into fixed power or modify existing land or structures to access the necessary power and connectivity.  Our mission is to be the go-to provider for all outdoor security, power and computing needs.  Our commitment is to deliver these products and services while always recognizing the importance of customers by providing the highest level of enterprise support and customer service.

stop gun violence by detecting weapons and aggression using artificial intelligence to monitor video

AI-Based Intelligent Video

AI-Based Intelligent Video

AI-Based Intelligent Video

Scylla Identifies Guns & Knives/Fights/Aggression/

Facial Recognition/Vehicle Recognition using your existing CCTV/IP Surveillance Systems


  • Stop Shootings before they happen by identifying weapons on your existing CCTV and/or IP Surveillance System
  • Identifies fights or acts of aggression realtime
  • Facial Recognition for identifying persons on whitelist/blacklist
  • Vehicle Identification Recognition 
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Can be used with Drones 
  • Monitors your video streams 24x7
  • Milestone Systems Technology Partner


Automated Fever Detection

AI-Based Fever Detection

AI-Based Intelligent Video

AI-Based Fever Detection

When a person walks in front of our thermal imaging camera we measure their temperature utilizing our advanced fever detection and facial recognition technology.

If a person’s temperature is over 100.4° an alert along with their picture, and name can be automatically sent to a designated smart phone or other mobile device, allowing security personnel or staff to make contact, for additional screening.   

Scylla Fever Detection can support multiple cameras managed by a remote servers remotely or be setup as a manned onsite screening station.


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