Detect weapons & acts of aggression before they happen.....

How it works

Scylla runs on-premise on your local server 24/7, silently monitoring the video streams coming from Stationary or Drone cameras. 

As soon as Scylla detects a suspicious act of aggression, behavior, or object that could possess a threat (guns/knives) towards a protected group of people alerts are triggered. 

The detection process will immediately open up the dashboard with different statistical metrics that will enhance the intelligence about the current situation.  Scylla smart decision maker, A.K.A Charon, will notify the operator (snapshot of incident) about the potential threat and will request you to approve the distribution of alerts via mobile and web channels.

Security operators in the field will receive an alert via Scylla mobile application. By opening the mobile app, they will see vital information about the attack using Scylla SSIS module, including suspect ID, location, and method of the attack.

People & Vehicle ID and Tracking

Scylla will detect the attacker and/or the vehicle used.  Scylla will then do a biometric face extraction of the attacker.   Scylla will match the face with the connected blacklist of identities. 


Upon a match, Scylla will identify the attacker and start the real-time search within connected cameras.  Scylla will send the alerts to law-enforcement via Scylla mobile app, including the identity, location and the possible next place of the attack.


Scylla will classify the number and the type of vehicles.  Scylla will identify the vehicle by reading the license plates.  Scylla will match the license plate number with the identity of the attacker using Scylla SSIS module.  

Scylla will then match the vehicle and the identity information through other cameras connected to the system to do the real-time analysis of the attack thus preventing the threat.